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When it comes to our vehicles the last thing we want is to have them towed.  However there are laws and regulations put into place to ensure that if your car is parked where it shouldn’t be that it can be towed.  This is why towing cincinnati oh pros have given us these tips to help prevent your car from being towed.

Watch meters

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Many cities install parking meters to help generate income for the government.  These parking meters allow you to have as much time as you need to park your car as long as you pay the desired amount.  When the amount of time you have paid expires then you are stealing that space and income from the city.  This is why we have meter maids out enforcing this law.  If you fail to pay for your time you are fined by the city.  If you are there for an extended period of time your car is towed.

Watch for signs

There are no parking signs and signs that state that you can’t park in a particular area between a certain time of day or night.  The reason for this is that the street needs to be clear for street sweepers and others to maintain the roads.  If you disobey these signs and park then you are breaking the law as well as preventing the city workers from doing their jobs.

Also, there are signs posted for safety reasons.  These signs will say no parking or no parking private property.  If you park in these areas then the owner of the building can have you towed legally.


When you break down on the side of the road you will need to be towed.  This will help you get off of the streets and to a repair facility.

Non Payment

Finally if you don’t pay on your car note the banks and other companies will have your car repossessed which will result in your car being towed.