Taking Out A Yacht For A Pleasure Cruise

For those living in New York the opportunity to get out onto the sea is a luxury that can only be claimed by the rich and famous, or is it?  Many people who visit New York don’t realize that they can live like the rich and famous on a standard budget.  They can do this by taking day charters sag harbor ny.

When we book these charters we are treated like royalty.  Hitting the open sea, enjoying the crisp clean air and lounging in the sun is just the beginning of your adventure.  When booking a charter you will experience what it is like to live on the sea.

Planning for your trip

When booking your charter you will want to have a group of people.  Going along on such a large boat will seem lonely.  Taking your spouse for a romantic sea voyage, sipping Champaign and gazing into each other’s eyes will rekindle any romance.  Taking a group of friends can be just as enjoyable as fishing and whale watching are possible activities you can enjoy.

Be comfortable

When taking these charters be comfortable.  They usually leave in the morning and return later in the evening.  Throughout the day you will be privy to a slew of activities.  In the morning it might be a little chilly so a sweatshirt and long paints may be the wardrobe of choice.  Mid-morning when the sun comes out a tee shirt and shorty may fit the bill.  Depending on the occasion and the desire you might dress for dinner which could be a candle light night for two.

day charters sag harbor ny

Take medicine and sun screen

When taking a charter plan for the worse.  No one knows how the sea will react or you to it.  So make sure you have sea sickness medicine, sun screen as well as other precautions.  The last thing you want to do is be miserable on the open sea.  Depending on the charter there may be no turning back until it is over.