How RVs Save Money on Your Trip

Taking an RV to Galveston is a great way to adventure your family without spending a small fortune in the process. Thousands of people take RV trips to Galveston and you should as well. Exactly how does an RV save money while you are on a trip to Galveston? Let us count the ways.

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When you take out on an RV trip, you won’t need to pay a guide to show the sights and scenery. Plus, expect to see more than you would walking, in a group tour, or on a bus. RV tours and trips provide that up close and personal view of the things of most interest to you. That’s a freedom that adds fun to your time in Galveston.

Weekly & Monthly Rates

galveston rv resort

Although some hotels offer a weekly rate, it’s considerably more than the average $325 weekly rate offered at a galveston rv resort. When savings matter, RV parks charge considerably less money than even the most mediocre hotel in the area.

Lower Daily Rates

Some hotels in Galveston rent for as little as $70 per night, but don’t expect a lot in the way of amenities or comfort for this price. The average rate for a night at an RV park is much less at a rate of about $35 per night.

Cook Your Own Food

Dining out at a restaurant becomes expensive very quickly, especially if there are more than two people in your crowd. When you take the RV to Galveston, it’s easy to save money since you can prepare your own food and avoid all those trips to the fast food restaurant.

RVs save so much money when it’s time to head to Galveston. Make sure this is your chosen method for vacation and have the adventure of a lifetime.