Different Types of Trucking Jobs

Interested in a truck driving job? There is little wonder why this line of work interests you. The pay and benefits are great, you won’t have a boss standing over your shoulders every single day, and can travel across the country, or at least the great state of North Dakota. There are a few types of trucking jobs offered. Before you tackle a new position, learn more about the options to determine which is right for your needs.

Owner Operator

Owner-operator jobs pay more than the average trucking job. These positions also give you more freedom and more choices in the industry.  Essentially, you’re a business owner when you are an owner-operator. The pay is better, the hours are better, and the options are great when you work as an owner-operator of a truck.

Company Trucking Jobs

Most drivers find employment via local trucking companies. Local trucking jobs and long distance jobs are available with area companies, the bulk of which pay drivers by the mile. Check out the jobs and submit a resume to be considered for employment. This may be the best route for a new driver to the industry and for many others as well.

Local Delivery

Do you prefer to stay near your home when you are on the road? Many drivers have this special preference and thankfully, many jobs are there to appease your needs. Local delivery drivers usually go home every night, allocating more time to spend with the family.

Specialized Trucking Jobs

water hauling in north dakota

Many specialized trucking jobs are also out there for anyone who wants to make more money delivering sometimes hazardous items or oversized loads. Fuel hauling and water hauling in north dakota are two examples of specialized trucking jobs you may find interesting.